Highfield Gallops

Literally surrounding our yard, we have these 7 furlong all weather gallops, a 10 furlong grass gallop and a range of shorter grass gallops, Starting stalls and schooling hurdles & fences.

Newstart Yard

A place where horses are happy.  A tidy, compact yard with everything you need.  Horses and visitors are given personal attention. The horses get the individual care they need to perform to their maximum.

5 Bay Horse Walker

A great asset to our yard.  It is used to get horses ready for cantering after a break, or easing down after a season of training.  Also used for more relaxing exercise days throughout full training. It can be used in all weathers due to the rubber flooring and roof cover.

Horse Box

A very useful addition to our yard.  The horses travel in comfort and are well settled in their regular transport.  Having our own transport keeps travelling and raceday expenses to a minimum for our owners.

Practice Starting Stall

This is great for getting their confidence walking through and standing in the starting stalls.  The stall is well padded with a closing rear gate.

Langton Wold Gallops

​Within a mile of our yard we have these excellent gallops.  We have 6 & 12 furlongs all-weather poly track gallops and 5,6 & 12 furlong grass gallops.  There are schooling fences, schooling hurdles and practice stalls.

Our Excellent Facilities


When the weather is kind , we can turn the horses out in the paddocks to have fresh air and a pick of grass.  They can buck and kick and enjoy getting down for a roll.

Lunge Ring

This is great to get the horses going after a break and for educating young ones. We have poles & tyres to prepare them for schooling at the gallops, if they are going to run over jumps.

Weighing Scales

Our Salter Brecknell Weighing Scales are ideal for accurately weighing our horses.  They enable us to gain records of their weight at every step of the training, especially at the start of their training programme after a break, and before and after race days.