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After a hardy effort from Delboy last time at Southwell finishing 5th, closing in on the winner, it has now come to a time where he needs a break, to strengthen, as he has been a little weak, since he put so much effort in on the track. All credit goes to Delboy as he continues to put up a fight against all things that are thrown at him, which just seem to stop him in his tracks, when he’s just coming to form. He will have the summer out of training, and he will be given time to recover and get back to his full strength and ability. There are some great options ahead for Delboy, whether that be back in racing or whether he has a chance to try something new, without the extreme pressure of racing. He is a tough, happy - go lucky kind of guy, who will be able to enjoy many different types of events in the future. 

Stamp Duty

Stampie will be having a couple of weeks easy due to a little niggle he has come across. We aim to have him up and running again towards the end of April. He ran a great race, well out of the weights to finish 4th for his last run, to start the year off in great style. We hope to see him back in the winner’s enclosure real soon. 

Mountain of Stars

14 March19 Sth 6f 12/13 btn 17½ Nicky Mackay

Jazz again had the odds stacked against him on his latest run at Southwell in March. He was drawn 12 of 13 runners, giving him one of the longest distances to travel. He jumped well and settled in a promising position tracking the leaders early on. The race was run in a quick time that day, which gives some interesting potential with comparatively run races. Jazz is filling out well and certainly looks the part. His time will come when he gets the luck of the draw and the run of the race – and when this happens for him, he’ll have no concern, he’ll just wonder what all the fuss is about when he lands a place in the winner’s enclosure!

Another quiet month has passed but we are hopeful for the forthcoming season full of racing adventures. We are beginning to see the race planning system and entry options strengthen again since the original prize money cuts, and the limited number of races run in one meeting. There are some ARC (Arena Racing Company) meetings now running with 7 and 8 races again, rather than the limited number of races, which was down to 6. The issues regarding prize money stem from … Maximum FOBT (Fixed Odds Betting Terminals) stakes being officially reduced to £2 from £100 by the government. It is finance from these FOBT’s that go towards racing prize money, hence the cuts in racing that we are experiencing just now. We have high hopes to see all our current runners on the track throughout April and we are looking forward to some great days at the races.

March/April 2019

Suzzanne France   Racehorse Trainer

 Sunday 7th April - Coffee morning

 Many thanks to all who supported our coffee morning. We saw Mountain of Stars & Ad Vitam show their paces on the gallops, then back for refreshments and discussion of future plans.  Great morning.

Thank you for your interest & support  


Ad Vitam

 Vitty seems to be buzzing at home, he's in great form. It's a shame we’ve missed out on a couple of his latest entries throughout March but all being well we can hit the highlights as we hope to return to Wolves on Saturday 6th April. This is a handicap seller which carries similar conditions as the race he won at Thirsk in the summer for us last year. With Tom (Eaves) back on track we aim to pair them up and they know exactly what to expect from each other - Exciting times ahead, I'm sure. 


Since Louie ran at Southwell in February, he has undergone medical treatment at home which is to support his growing structure and I’m confident that the results from his treatment will explain his racing manner throughout his last couple of runs. Louie has always jumped well, he's keen to run, but he has then struggled to stick with the pace throughout the mid race. He sticks his head out and stays on in the closing stages, which just shows he is the type who wants to do his best. It will be exciting to see him being able to show us his true ability without feeling any limitations. We were originally under the impression that a different track could answer our queries, but with regaining more strength I'm sure he will be happy to do the best he can where he has given us all his best form so far, when he returns to Southwell at the beginning of this month. He is now on a very handy handicap mark that we can enjoy benefiting from as we watch him progress back into the winner’s enclosure.