Ad Vitam

Vitty put up a bold effort at Redcar on the 6th Nov, but he was unlucky as he was drawn on the wrong side and the ground was tacky, which didn’t suit him. We are looking forward to returning to the All-Weather tracks with him as he has won for us at both Wolves and Newcastle, so all being well we’ll be heading back to the winners enclosure with him on his next outing. 

Stamp Duty

We saw a reassuring result with Stamp Duty on 1st Nov back at Newcastle. The best news was there were no breathing issues to be concerned about and the vets gave him the all clear after the race so thumbs up for him. Although we had been waiting for the opportunity to try Stampie back over a straight track, Jimmy (Sullivan) suggested it didn’t suit him on the day. We will be confident to head back to his favourite track and trip to see him bounce back to form before Xmas

A round up of the news from November 2018 ​​

Whispering Wolf

After a few weeks with time to recover, Whippy has now moved on to enjoy easier days. She will grow stronger day by day and she will have a more relaxed routine to enjoy. We wish her all the best as she is such a great character to work with. 

Mountain of Stars

We have made a little change in the style of training for Jazz and we are seeing and feeling positive signs we can be pleased with. He now feels sharper and keener while working, both on his own and with others. We will continue with his entries for the sprint distances 5 & 6f, and we’ll be keen to see his progress when entries fall in our favour. 


Louie had a little set back in his training previous to his first run back, which was planned for the 15th Nov. He was withdrawn the day before as we did not want to run him knowing he wasn’t 100%. We are closely monitoring any changes with him, through his work and routine. We are hopeful to see him back on the track within the next couple of weeks.

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Delboy gave us a fine race at Newcastle last time on the 9th Nov. He travelled and settled well early on. Although he looked a little outpaced from 3f out, he stuck his neck out well and battled on. We are confident he will be showing us more progress each time he runs, so we’re looking forward to his next run throughout December.

We are looking forward to the boys bringing us some festive fun and good results at the races to enjoy. 

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